CrystalDraw has been written to produce models of crystal structures and their associated axial and planar channelling directions in three-dimensions and to generate their corresponding two-dimensional projections. Visualisation of the models using specially written macros within Paraview illustrates how to orient and manipulate crystals for channelling measurements and guide interpretations of collected channelling data.


Axial and Planar ChannelsCrystalStructures

Stereographic ProjectionCrystalStructures

CrystalDraw Examples

CrystalDraw uses data extracted from crystal information files (.CIF) to generate
Visual Tool Kit (.vtk) files that can be visualised using Paraview.
Click here to access CIF files that have been tested with CrystalDraw.
Click here to download example vtk files.



[Sphere Plane]

CrystalDraw Resources

Full CrystalDraw Description (Radiate Report 002)

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Source files for CrystalDraw and Paraview Macros
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Paraview CrystalDraw Tutorial

CrystalDraw Program Installation